Milani Roses Powder Blushes

Hello. Long time no post. I picked up the new Limited Edition Roses Powder blushes that Milani released in the beginning of the month and here are my thoughts and pictures. A LOT OF PICTURES :D

Romantic Rose: My favorite of the bunch. It's a nice nude dusty, mauvey pink. It's that perfect everyday shade. At least for my skin tone. It's buildable and this one has no shimmers. It reminds me of Tarina Tarantino's Blush in Neopolitan Lane. If you don't feel like spending that much money on a blush, this would be a nice alternative. However, Neopolitan Lane is permanent where as this is Limited Edition and is difficult to find now. 
Flora Passion: This shade is a nice neutral pink. The perfect pink shade in my opinion or some would say your average pink. You can build it up to make it bold or apply it lightly for a nice flush of color. This one has the nicest color payoff and the least powdery out of all the shades without shimmer.
Warm Petals: Peach orange with gold shimmers. The most pigmented of the bunch and the only one with shimmer. Out of all the shades, I think this one in particular is the one that would suit a whole range of skintones from pale to deep. It blends nicely and is one of the few shimmer blushes that don't emphasize my pores.
Bella Rosa: Light baby pink. This one is a bit powdery compared to the others, but I have never encountered a baby pink blush that isn't powdery. Despite that, it still blends nicely. 
This order of the swatches is the same order I write about each blush. Left to right.
I  though these blushes might be able to replace my loved Milani Minerals Blushes which are discontinued. Unfortunately, these blushes are not as pigmented as the Minerals Blushes but these Roses blushes are definitely buildable. I do like the texture of these, although they can be powdery, they are so soft. They don't emphasize pores, even the one that has shimmer doesn't emphasize anything. They just look so good. They don't look patchy when applied and look pretty natural.

You get an incredible amount of product for a wonderful price. It's a total bargain! Snatch one if you can still find them! I love these blushes. Milani, if you ever read this. Please, PLEASE, make these permanent. If not, at least release them annually. Limited Edition but every year! PLEASE!


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  1. Great review and great photos! Thank you for this post :)