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Greeting fellow homo sapiens! I'm so glad I found time to do a post today. You might recall that around October through December of last year, Tarina Tarantino was making an exit from Sephora, and her products were on clearance. Well, I managed to snag this Jewel Shadow Palette for a great price! I don't quite remember how much I paid but I sure didn't pay the full price of $32. Although, I was planning on getting one at the time. The timing of the clearance was just pure luck ;)

I got the shade Magical and it took me some time to choose which palette I wanted because I only wanted to purchase one. Magical is full of complementary plum colors of different hues. It's beautiful. The only con about these plattes is that there is no name for each shade. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty certain there isn't. Anywho, the palette contains a star shimmery white, a pale pink, a pinky peach medium shade, a gorgeous multi shimmer taupe, and a blackened purple that has pink shimmer. In my opinion, the real star of the palette is the taupe color. It's what sold me. It's beautiful on its own and I have never seen anything quite like it. I wish she sold this specific color as a single! The texture of each shade is so incredibly soft. The pale white is slightly chalky to me, though I'm not so sure every person will notice or maybe mine is just a bit of a dud. Overall, great palette! I recommend it and even just for the regular price, these palettes are a steal and great quality. It's a $32 palette that performs like a $64 palette :D

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