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Yay! Two posts for today! It's really because I forgot to post one yesterday and trust me, I had one planned yesterday, but I haven't been sleeping much lately, so I fell asleep early and forgot all about my one post a day thing. Two today to make up for it. And since it's almost summer, (summer doesn't start until friday the 21st) this post will be about the VEET Ready To Use Wax Strips :)

I got these strips last summer, and I finished them up around the end of March. I just realized that I never took a picture of the box and its contents, but I do have a video review and demo on this, so here you go!
Anyway, these strips are awesome. They just require so much patience, that's why it took me so long to finish them. Either way, I'm very satisfied and I will repurchase them again this summer. The results last for about 2 weeks on me before I start noticing hair growing back again. It used to be a week but it has improved the more I did it. I also noticed that my leg hairs have been growing back thinner. I've read about it but I thought it would be ineffective on me. But it ended up thinning my hair, which is awesome.
Here's a before a before and after. Hopefully, I don't need to classify which is before and which is after lol. 
Lol. I feel like my before picture in the one above makes my leg look so manly. Anyway, the picture below, I love to look at how much hair I've captured after waxing. I find it fascinating and really cool to look at. 
I know I have skinny legs. Lol. Anyway, the right side is the side that is waxed if you couldn't tell. But those dots are not from waxing, they are a result of shaving. When I was in the 7th grade, I saw a girl who had a bunch of these on her legs and thought that I would never get them. About 3 years later, I started noticing them and boy, oh boy, how I would love to get rid of them. I think they just look so gross. 
Also, I advice you to not, I repeat, DO NOT USE FRAGRANT LOTIONS AFTER WAXING!!! I did and got a nasty rash all over. Lesson learned the harder way. It was so irritating and all I wanted to do was scratch my legs because they were so dang itchy! Use aloe vera and I would avoid using lotion right after. I would probably wait 24 hours before moisturizing. 
One last note: I only use 4-5 strips on each leg. I cut strips in half because it's easier. Also, keep in mind that 2 strips are stuck to each other. I've only used this on the legs and I tried the bikini area and man did that hurt! Try it at your own risk!

I hope this helps! Leave your questions and I will be sure to answer them.

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