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Hello! Back when I posted my "Huge ELF Haul" video on youtube, I got requests on doing reviews on everything I own. I think my favorite review was the one I did on the brushes. I love brushes. I think it's because I use them every time I do my makeup that I have grown to love buying them and doing deep research on them. I'm crazy. 

Since ELF Brushes are so cheap, I do have quite a few of them and I also have 1 double brush. As in there is one specific brush that I love enough to have two of. 
The picture below is accurate as to which ones I use the most and are some of my favorites. The mineral powder brush is incredible for blush and contouring. I find myself reaching for it to apply my liquid foundation recently. The Flawless Concealer Brush is phenomenal. I use this on a daily basis. It's so densely packed and it applies concealer so well, whether it be under the eyes or just plain old spot concealing. The ELF Small Stipple brush is heaven in a brush. I use it for liquid foundation, powder/cream blush and bronzer, powder/cream highlighter, concealer, you must try this brush out. It is amazing and for the price, you really cannot beat that! The Angled Blush Brush, I find this brush awesome for sheer blushes because it makes it easier to build color up, and it's also great for blending very pigmented blushes out. Since it's so densely packed as well, I find it works well for liquid foundation and cream blushes. It's also amazing for contouring. Finally, the Powder brush is the brush I have two of. I just reach for this so much and it's amazing. As an avid user of powder, and powder foundation, or just any type of powder product for the face, this is a must have for me. It is great for applying any formula of foundation, it blends so nicely, and you may probably already own this. Lol.
Overall, the ELF Brushes are way beyond what anyone can expect from cheap brushes. Especially the brushes in their studio line. They are so soft, they rarely shed. I have had a problem with the ferrule separating due to the glue that was used to put them together. I just glued them back on with my own super glue and it hasn't come off since. This only happened with two of three of the brushes I own. I didn't go over all of the brushes, but if you want to know which ones I own and what I think of them, feel free to watch my video about these :)

What are your favorite ELF Brushes? 

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  1. Love the blog post about the brushes. I definitely like the small staple brush to apply my cream contour and the flat top powder brush that is great for blending both the highlight and contour cream or liquid foundation! Great video too about the brushes!!!