Milani - Nude Crème

Happy Thursday! I have been wanting to try Milani lipsticks for quite a while now and it wasn't until their new lipstick line was released when I finally caved and bought one! I bought the shade Nude Creme because my local CVS did not carry the other shades I wanted.
This shade is not exactly new, but it's new to me! Lol. Anyway, Nude Creme is a peach pinky shade with the slightest hint of some brown in there. It smells like artificial watermelon and I ain't complaining. I love it! It lasts for about 4 hours one and it does last a meal. I really love the scent this lipstick has and find myself sniffing my lips when I wear it. Yes, I can do that. 

It's the kind of shade that lovers of nudes would love. Ha! That doesn't sound quite right. It is great for everyday use. Right now, I consider it as the "perfect nude" color for lips. I have been wearing it quite often and I highly recommend it. It applies smoothly and it does not dry my lips when I wear it. It is definitely an awesome shade of lipstick and I am looking forward to trying more from this line. I really want to try the shade, "Best Red." Maybe when Fall comes around, I may just give it a go.
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