Butter London - Bossy Boots

Man, oh man! I have not had my nails painted since I had this specific nail polish on. I had no time when school was still in session, and now that my summer vacation began, I am just too lazy to paint my nails.
All silliness aside, I want to rave about this awesome Butter London nail polish. Bossy Boots is a pale yellow toned green. What attracted me to this shade is the fact that it is not comparable to any other shade of minty green I have tried. Most of my mint green nail polishes have seem to contain a blue tone to them, as where this one warmer toned and just very different from what we all see.

I cannot believe how long this stayed on my nails! A full week without any chipping! This is probably the only Butter London nail polish that I can highly recommend. But as I have probably mentioned before, I still do not believe Butter London is worth the price. Although, this may be an exception as it is the best performing shade I have tried from them. I find it very suitable for every season and this particular shade has probably made it to my top 5 all time favorite polishes. Therefore, always lookout for Ulta's BOGOFree sale on these :)

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