bareMinerals Pretty Amazing Lip Color || Ambition

Hello! Exactly June 7th of last year, I bought this lip color for $16 at Sephora as part of a birthday treat. I was in the market for hot pink lip products. They were all I bought and thought of last summer and hot pink lips is slowly making its way back into my life once again. The bareMinerals Pretty Amazing Lip Color in the shade Ambition is what started it all. I had forgotten about this little sucker and thought I should use it more to the point of even finishing it and getting its sixteen dollars worth.

Ambition is a fuchsia on my lips. It is really bright and the color payoff of this thing is superb. What I do to apply it is I just stroke it once on the bottom lip and spread it all around with my fingers. Does that make sense? I sure hope so because I don't know how else to explain it! Once, I applied this all over the lips with the applicator as if I was applying lip gloss. BIG MISTAKE! It got very messy and kept transferring on my teeth! Not cute! The worst part is, my "friends" didn't even notify me about it! 

This specific shade does leave a nice pink stain on my lips. It is very subtle and not as bright as it is when first applied. I find that this dries to a lipstick type of texture, which is interesting. It is also long lasting. It has lasted me about 5-6 hours once with no touchups. Pretty impressive! This specific shade is being sold at Sephora for $10 along with another shade in the line. But the rest of the shades are still regular priced at $16. I do recommend it, but I don't think it's a must have product. I can certainly live without it. 
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