Revlon Colorstay Quad in Adventurous

 Hello!! Many, many, MANY months ago, I bought this Revlon quad at Rite-Aid. I've been meaning to share my two cents on them. So let's get at it!
 I was so ready to buy more than one quad but ended up with this one because I though it was a nice set of neutrals that not most people usually go for. Why you may ask? Because people don't like greens--whether it be vegetables or eyeshadow.
 Here are the shade breakdowns (numbered as how they are on the back of the quad):

  1. White with a very obvious gold sheen when swatched. In the pan, you would think it's quite subtle, but it's very beautiful. And this shade, in particular is very pigmented and applies beautifully.
  2. This one is a dark mossy green. It has some black in there and gold shimmer. Very powdery and somewhat gritty. It was the shade I was excited for the most but it was the most disappointing. However, I still like it enough to use it often. Also, it's beautiful on top of Maybelline's Color Tattoo in Mossy Green :)
  3. Copper is the first word I think of when I saw this shade. It's literally like the color of a penny. This one is smooth. The texture is similar to the white shade. Very nice as a lid color. Love the gold shimmer in this one as well.
  4. I though this one was matte. But when I saw the photos, if you look ever so closely, it's not completely matte. But I would have never noticed if I never zoomed up on the color. I would consider this a neutral dark brown. Very beautiful as a liner or a crease color or to deepen the outer corners! Not as smooth but not all that dry in texture. It's just average.

 I really like the color combination of this quad. It's neutral but with a twist. I love creating eye looks with this quad and you can easily do a simple everyday look or very formal looks with this quad. However, Revlon does claim that these last 16 hours. I'm not sure if that means 16 hours without a primer or what, but I think it lasts pretty well with a primer.
I definitely recommend this quad. I want to try more! Really impressive! Sleek packaging, great color combinations, well done Revlon!

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