Butter London - Tea With the Queen

Hello fellow homo sapiens! I hope you all had a joyous holiday and I wish you a happy new year. Today, I wanted to share some bits about Butter London's Nail Lacquer in Tea With the Queen. I've been obsessed with nude nail polishes lately. They've come to grow on me. I used to be a girl who wore colors and strictly colorful stuff only. Not just nail polish but eyeshadows too! But lately I've been on a nude kick. The beauty community has really had an effect on me. So I bought Butter London's Tea With the Queen in what feels like ages ago. I was at Ulta and it was the last one and I just snatched it while some girls were looking at the display ;) 

Tea With the Queen is definitely a tan nude with a cream finish, no shimmer whatsoever. I guess peachy tan is a nice way to describe it. It's on the semi-sheer side and I think it was actually formulated like that. Or so it may seem. It was a bit streaky on the first coat but I had no problems when I layered on another coat. You definitely need more than one coat. I think I had on 2 coats on these swatches. Or maybe two on some nails and 3 on some. I really can't quite remember. These pictures were taken during thanksgiving day. The longevity of this polish was more on the average side. It lasted about 4 days before any noticeable chipping.
Butter London polishes are certainly growing on me. And I definitely recommend checking this out. This is something I would wear to a wedding or a job interview or when having tea with the queen ;) or when I'm just feeling mellow as sad as that may sound. 

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