Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant: Pink-finity

Hey ya'll! A couple of weeks ago, I found these new Covergirl Outblast nail polishes at Walmart. They display was nice which made it very hard to resist purchasing a couple. If you saw my latest haul, I bought two shades, although there were many more I wanted to try out. This one, called Pink-finity was the first one I tested out.

Pink-finity is a very blue based milky pink. Despite its cool undertone, I thought it still looked fine on my warm skintone. After all, its blue tone is what caught my attention. I don't have anything like it. That's another thing about I noticed when I discovered the Covergirl nail polishes. Most of the colors are unique to me. They are all different to me, most likely because my nail polish collection isn't as big as most people's.
As for the formula, it's fantastic. One of the best ones I've tried overall. It's very opaque. One coat will definitely suffice. When I applied a second coat, the nail polish got too thick and goopy. Not cute. It lasted a good while on me. Six days before I noticed slight chipping. Very impressive!
Another thing I don't like about these is the price I paid. It was about $5 which I think is a lot for a drugstore brand nail polish. At the time I bought this, I bought a Covergirl lipstick for the same price. Ridiculous! But I guess I got what I paid for because the formula and color are superb.
I would also like to point out... doesn't the packaging make you think, "Chanel knock off!"??? Lol.

Have you seen these yet? If not, check them out because they're really good! I definitely recommend them!

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  1. I just bought this same shade myself! I'm really looking forward to trying it, and it looks great on you. I was looking lots of places (eg Sephora) for this precise shade because I wanted something to match the cherry blossoms that are blooming everywhere, and so I was thrilled when I finally found this at my local drugstore. It's exactly what I wanted, and I'm glad to hear that you like the formula and that it lasted so long as well :)