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Hello fellow homo sapiens! I have abandoned my blog for quite some time now due to my busy schedule and my laziness and I apologize. Today, I bring to you a post about Influenster. Don't know what Influenster is? Well, click HERE to further read upon more information about the website :) They e-mailed me earlier this month about a Beauty Blogger Voxbox and it was free so I couldn't resist! VoxBoxes are free for anyone who qualifies. To be honest, I was surprised that I even qualified >.<
Well here's what I received in the box!
Mahogany Teakwood
I love this scent. It's very fall-like but I think it's a great all-year round kind of candle. I'm not so sure how Oak smells like but that's what this is suppose to smell like. I definitely recommend going to your local Bath and Body works to sniff this one ;)
EBOOST Health Booster
I always see Health boosters and stuff as such always being sampled in Costco. I never care to try because I guess I've always been afraid to. I don't know exactly what I'm afraid of but I'll give this a try anyway. I just don't see the purpose of them. But we'll see.
 Kiss Ever Pro Lashes
I was sent the set in 05 and I'm quite excited to use them. They're pretty cute. The only thing is I wish they had clear bands but it's no big deal. I don't think these are meant to look natural anyway lol. I also love the fact that they sent a starter kit instead of just lashes. I'm also definitely looking forward in trying the Kiss lash adhesive :D
 NYC Individual Eyes
I've already swatched and tested this out and a review will be coming soon. Dulce Candy used this type of palette in her $20 makeup challenge which you can watch HERE. I don't remember what Dulce said about this palette but I know that I didn't have high expectations when I received it in the voxbox.
Now, I was confused as to why they sent me a Curl Defining cream when I have straight hair. But this product claims to tame frizzy hair so I might use it for that purpose and see if it works out but I highly doubt that I will buy a full size of this to be honest. I am interested in the Not Your Mother's Line and I've been eye-ing a few products but I can already say for sure that this specific product is not one I'll purchase for myself. 
Vitabath Fragrance Mist
Now, this was a very unfamiliar product. I've never heard or seen this brand anywhere. I'm assuming that this is the kind of fragrance mist you would find at the drugstore. I have the Green Apple and White Lilies scent. It's a nice mix of fruity and floral. Once you spray it on, you wouldn't know if it's fruity or floral. I could definitely smell the Green apple but with a mix of floral. See what I mean? ;p
 Goody Spin Pin
The first thing that popped up in my head when I saw this was ItsJudyTime! She did a video on these earlier this year, I believe, which you can watch HERE. They sent me one for blondes and I have black hair. I think I'm just going to paint this with a black sharpie to make them black before I start using them because I've always wanted to try this but never wanted to buy them for myself. I'm always like that when it comes to hair accessories and appliances. 
I was also given a coupon to buy a 3-wick candle for only $10. The only upsetting part was that it has an expiration date :/

Here is my video:
Overall, I'm satisfied with my first Influenster VoxBox. Here are some things I wish they would do though. I wish they would get to know the person they are sending a box too. They should know what kind of hair color or skin color or even hair texture the person has. They should have some kind of surveys for that. Therefore, they wouldn't be sending people stuff they would not even be able to use. Another thing is I wish they personalized the card by having the person's name on there as in, "Dear Justine" or "Hello Justine". Something like that. Those are the little small details that make me like these kind of things even more. These aren't complaints since the box is free. These are just suggestions on how they can improve the boxes for further shipments.

Definitely request an invite for Influenster HERE though and start getting badges :)

Until Next Time,

**I did receive these products for free but I am not being sponsored or getting paid to talk about it.

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