Mani Monday: Julep Nail Lacquer in Alicia

Hello fellow homo sapiens! I received this nail polish a few months ago in a Julep Maven box. However,  I have since deleted the video and blog post in which I feature this in. Oh well, that doesn't matter. The color is called Alicia and I believe it's named after a celebrity... I think... don't  quote me on that one ;p
Alicia is a warm pink with yellow peachy undertones. I love it. It looks very flattering on. It reminds me of salmon :D I'm not a big fan of pink nail polishes because I never think they flatter me. Especially hot pinks. I think that is why I never buy pink nail polishes but lately, I have decided to start getting into them. At first sight of Alicia, I thought it looked a lot like Tart Deco from Essie but Tart Deco is less pink and more orange peachy when I compare the two. However, in some lighting, the two can really seem identical.
 As for the formula of this polish, not a fan. It makes me wonder if all Julep polishes are like this. It's thick which is not a big problem for me but it takes so long to dry. I like polishes that dry fairly fast. This polish really pissed me off and I hate when I get pissed off because of nail polish. I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets pissed off because of nail polish. C'mon guys! I am a very patient person but when it came to this, I just couldn't bare it.
 Overall, I recommend this for the color. But I don't think this is worth $14. I have drugstore nail polishes that are similar to the formula of this. Not worth $14 dollars. I checked the Sephora website and they don't have this color. But if you search "Alicia" on Julep's website, you'll be able to find it :) 

Until Next Time,


  1. This is one of my favorite Julep shades, it looks great on your toes too :)

    1. I'm totally painting these on my toes next ^.^

  2. The color is sooo pretty and sophisticated. I can def wear this color to work =)

    I am having a giveaway on my blog with beauty goodies from Asia. Hope you'll check it out ^_^