Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Trio in "Silent Treatment"

Hello fellow homo sapiens ! Today, I will be sharing my thoughts on Wet n Wild's eyeshadow trio in Silent Treatment. I picked this up and featured it in this haul because Michele1218 from youtube always talked about the Eyelid shade and I've always wanted to try it ever since.

 Here's the shade breakdown:
  • Browbone - a pale pinky shimmer shade. Very pretty and I actually liked it. At first, I didn't think I would make too much of a big deal off it but it's very nice.
  • Crease - It's a matte black with very tiny multi-colored glitter. Not too fond of this shade because when applied on the lids, the glitter just cause fall out and it doesn't stay on the eyelid. Base or no base, it just happens. And it is pretty dry and blending it is nowhere near easy.
  • Eyelid - a shimmery purple taupe. The shimmer in this is so gorgeous and so pretty. This eyelid shade is the reason why I purchased this whole trio. I love it. I wish they made this in single form!
 Overall, I would only recommend this if you don't mind having that crease shade. I really like the Eyelid and Browbone shade, that alone makes this worth the $2.99. I wish the crease shade was more of a dark taupe brown. But other than that, it's great. I just really love that eyelid shade. So beautiful !

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  1. I think the eyelid shade is the most pretty one too. :) I like your idea about that dark taupe brown colour; good colour combination skills! ;) xx