Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter - Cherry Tart

No mani monday today! Not sure if anyone cares anyway. But I thought it would be nice of me to let my nails be nail polish free for a bit. I literally can't remember the last time they were completely free of nail polish. It's time to let my fingernails breathe. I think I may just re-paint my toe nails though. I have had the shade Glowstick by Orly on my toes for nearly way over a month and I think it's time for a new color ;p Again, not like anyone cares. 

I bet you clicked on this post because of the title? Am I right or am I right? Today, I shall be expressing my feelings about Revlon's Lip Butter in Cherry Tart. It's one I purchased without thinking. Well not really. This is what I was thinking..."It's the only red one, I should get." Really. That's what went on in my head!
 Cherry Tart is a sheer pinky red with silver shimmer. The shimmer feels gritty when I apply it onto the lips. However, when I press my lips together or do something like so, I don't feel the shimmer. I got really excited when I read somewhere that this was similar to MAC's Viva Glam Lipstick in Cyndi. Sadly, I missed out on that one because I was not into MAC at all. I'm still not, but I do really like their lipsticks.
Does it remind you of Tutti Frutti? Because in this picture below, it may fool you and look like it's a bit orange but I assure you it's a pinky red!
I would put some shade comparisons but honestly, I have nothing like this color. Most of the red lipsticks I have are far too bold and are more of a true red as where this is sheer and it has pink tones and silver shimmer. It's very different but I don't think it's all that special. Granted, I do really like the color but some people may think it's too bold. I honestly think it's great for everyday.

Overall, I think Cherry Tart is nice especially for those who are afraid of wearing a bold red lipstick. This is sheer enough to be worn daily and if you want you can sheer it out more by not layering it so much like I always do.

Have you given this one a go?

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