REVIEW || Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquers

I've featured just about all the Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquers I own in a Mani Monday. I intended to compile all the posts up once I finished analyzing each shade per post. If you click on the the shade name, it will lead you to the post I wrote for that specific shade. 

This is a cool toned grey. It doesn't look like asphalt. It looks more like cement. Yes, there's a difference! I really liked this color. I didn't think it would look that nice but it wasn't bad at all.
This is a nice cool green shade. In some lighting it may look like it's green and in some, it can look like a bluish green or teal, as most would say.

This is a nice medium turquoise blue. I finally decided that it's turquoise. If you read my post, you'll understand that I was confused as to what kind of blue this is.
This is a very very dark fuchsia. It doesn't look fuchsia at first sight. I actually thought it was a purple at first and I still think that most of the time. What you get on the nails is different from what you think you will get by just looking at the bottle.

This has got to be my favorite out of the bunch I currently own. Well, my favorite color. It has an average formula but I really like the color. I can definitely see myself "hitting bottle" with this ;)

This shade is just a straight up orange. I honestly don't know why I purchased it at first because I don't like the look of orange on my nails but this one was very nice.

These come in 40 different shades which is incredible. The formula of each nail polish is really hit or miss. Some are good and some aren't. What's also nice is there are a variety of finishes. There are shimmer, cream, glitter, and I may be wrong but I believe there are some crackle effects ones as well. These go from around $3-$4 and I've seen them everywhere now. The last place I saw them last was at Target but I've also spotted them at Walmart (which is where I purchased them) and I also saw these babies at CVS. 
I definitely recommend trying them out! In a way, they kind of remind me of the Sally Hansen Insta Dry Nail polishes. I may get a few more shades in the future. I really want the colors Green With Envy and Coral Crush. They're always sold out! I saw them at Target once but I didn't have my wallet with me at the time :( Oh well, better luck next time! 

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