Mani Monday || Maybelline - Tenacious Teal

This week's nail color is another one from Maybelline ! Surprise, surprise! This is the last of Maybelline that I have got so far. I really have my eye on this one mint color but I'm just holding off for now. I'm on a little no-buy for the next few weeks. *sigh* Anyway, this week's shade is Tenacious Teal :D

Tenacious Teal is a cool medium green. However, in natural lighting and some certain lighting, it looks like a warm green and in some lighting it looks teal. I assume that's the kind of lighting Maybelline used and how this got its name. It looks nothing like the 24 hour tattoo in tenacious teal as that product leans more blue. I don't know why but in the first picture above, it looks teal -.- How frustrating! It doesn't look like that at all in person, or maybe my eye sight is just getting worse ! 
This went on opaque after applying the second coat. The first coat was sheer. I did apply a third coat just because.. well, i don't know. Just because. Lol. It has a shiny finish and it's not streaky. The consistency of it very much reminded me of Maybelline's Shocking Seas. Though this one doesn't stain the nails as much. I actually thought this was going to be similar to Essie's Pretty Edgy but that one is more warm-toned and more green as where this one is cool toned and is a bit darker. 
Overall, nice nail polish but I don't think it's anything special. If you love these kinds of colors, then this one is definitely worth picking up as it is very affordable. For me at least, it's just a nail polish. Nothing holy grail material here but I still think it's worth trying out. I like it but I'm not in like with it. You know what I mean jelly bean? 

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