Mani Monday || Maybelline - Fuchsia Fever

For today's Mani Monday, I am continuing on with the Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquers. There's one more left after today. Unless I buy some more but I don't see that happening in the near future. I have more nail polishes I want/need to wear for the first time ! Anyway, the shade that I'm sporting today is called, Fuchsia Fever.

When I first saw this color and it's name, I thought, "That's not fuchsia at all." In my eyes, it was more of like a medium purple. Therefore, I think I should do a few different color descriptions. At first sight of the bottle it's in, it looks like a purple-y color with hints of pink. Then when I applied the first coat, it was a fuchsia. A true fuchsia. But it was a sheer fuchsia. It wasn't fully opaque and I wanted it to look like the color it is in the bottle. That's when I applied the second coat and it was a shade darker. Still fuchsia but just a tad darker. Again, I was not fully satisfied with its opacity so I applied a third coat and on that third coat, it just became an even deeper shade of fuchsia with a tad bit of a purple hue.  
This is 4 coats with flash ! See how different it is from the bottle?
I then applied a fourth coat out of curiosity and ended up very close to what the color looked like in the bottle. It finally looked a lot more purple-y but the majority of the color was still fuchsia. If that makes sense? The color looked pretty "vampy". You know, like those lip colors but on the nails. As for the formula, not very impressed but I'm not entirely disappointed either. It wasn't streaky but it just took forever to get it to look almost the way I expected it to appear. It dries to a semi-matte finish. I don't find it completely matte but some people may. If you expect this polish to look like the Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Fuchsia Fever, you might be disappointed >.<
This is four coats again but with natural lighting.
Overall, it's an okay shade for me. I don't recommend it but I don't not recommend it. I'm very so-so about it. So if you want to give this a try go for it. It's definitely not a summer color. Although I thought maybe I could rock it like it is one. More of a fall shade to me. But then again, I don't abide by seasonal fashion rules ;)

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