Mani Monday || Maybelline - Born With It

So I just finished painting my nails just in time for a 'Mani Monday' post :) I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to get one up today. This week's nail color is from the new Color Show line from Maybelline and this one is in Born With It.

Born With It is a very very pale pink. It is basically a white pink. You know... as if Maybelline meant to formulate a white nail polish but accidentally added a drop of baby pink in there. 
I just googled "Maybelline Born With It Nail" and it so turns out that Maybelline had a nail polish in Born With It already but it was from their Salon Expert line which I have never seen before. I've got to say though, the formula kind of disappoints. It wasn't opaque until the third coat. Might I add, it was streaky at first.
Natural Lighting/No Flash
 Also, I might as well point out that this color is not as pink as the Born With It lipstick. If this nail color was a lipstick, I do not know who would purchase it. And if people did, the world would just be one mad place. <--- WHA?! LOL
In my room w/flash
Overall, I like the color but I'm not too keen on the formulation. It does look like it may be a dupe for an Essie Nail Polish because I know Essie as that brand that has many colors similar to Born With It. The color makes me feel luxurious. I don't know.. it could just be due to the fact that it's a light pink. Very sophisticated. It's a new thing for me because I'm more of a colorful kind of gal ;)

Until Next Time,