ELF Eyelid Primer in Champagne & Sheer

YAY! Why yay, you may ask? Well, I have successfully posted everyday(except saturday and sundays) for the month of July. I'm on California time, by the way. I feel so accomplished. I only intended for that to happen in July. I don't think I can do it for August since school is about to start soon :( But I'll try to post one to three times a week. I don't post on saturday and sundays as I believe that is a day for family and friends and just for thing I want to do. 

Today, I will be reviewing the ELF Eyelid Primer. It's a bit hard to believe that these are only a dollar and I scored them for fifty cents when ELF was having 50% off their whole site. How cheaper can they get?!

 Sheer is suppose to be sheer but I don't think it's that sheer because I feel like it also conceals the visible veins on my lids. It's very nice and it leaves you with an empty canvas to work on. It doesn't crease, which sold me on this product. It really helps my eyeshadow last very long. I even feel like it works the same as the UDPP. It may even be better in my opinion. The consistency of this product is very smooth. There's no shimmer and it dries to some sort of powder finish but it is slightly tacky at first, which I really like as well. I will definitely keep repurchasing this one.
 Champagne is a light purple taupe color. It's not at all what I thought it was going to look like. It reminds me of a slightly lighter version of the Eyelid color from Wet n Wild's Silent Treatment Trio. Also, the shimmer is more like fine glitters but it's not so packed together that it gets e3verywhere and trust me, it's not cool. This one is kind of a miss for me because I really didn't enjoy the glitter that came with it. If the glitter was more of a shimmer and more fine, then I would have really enjoyed this product. I will still use it, because it's not that bad. I just don't like the glitter. 
Overall, I would definitely recommend the Sheer one. It wouldn't hurt to try out the champagne one, or the other shades for that matter as they are only a buck. It just didn't work out for me but it may work for you! As for now, I'm just sticking with the sheer one and I'm probably not even going to try out the pearl and gold ones anymore. I did at first but now I have this crazy idea that the other shades have that sort of glitter in it.

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