ELF Blushes in Gotta Glow & Pink Passion

Of all the ELF products I've tried, I have never tried their studio blushes at all! I used to be scared of blush. I believe I mention that in this video. But lately, I've been obsessed. It's a new obsession along with bold lips. Both trends were not up my alley up until late. Both trends used to be my worst nightmare as a matter of fact. That's a story I'll save for another post ;) But yea, since I've been obsessed with highlighters, I decided to purchase Gotta Glow and of course I had to get a pink, and I chose Pink Passion because it didn't have shimmer. 

I scored these babies during ELF's anniversary sale when they were having 50% off the whole website! I was so excited. I was going to get more colors but I wanted to try two out first before hoarding on a whole bunch and I didn't know how well these would perform. They do get great reviews but sometimes, I'm not always sold that easily.
 Gotta Glow - This is a cream/off white color with gold shimmer. It's often compared to Albatross by Nars which I don't own but I still want to purchase it. Maybe one day *sigh* but I have swatched it many times and admired its beauty just as much. The shimmer in ELF's Gotta Glow is not as packed together as the shimmer in Albatross, which makes the Nars option have a smoother texture. The ELF one is a bit powdery and the shimmer "travels" more. It's more loose but when applied on the cheekbones, it's very nice and natural. However, when applied on the cupids bow or the brow bone, the shimmer is obvious and you can see it and it becomes less natural. It's as if I put tiny little glitter particles on my face. But it can easily be fixed by lightly dusting a clean brush to get those little loose shimmers off my face.
 Pink Passion - a cool blue based pink! I think the blue is very obvious in this. It has a matte finish which I much prefer in blushes but having a shimmer every now and then won't hurt. I really like this. It's not as powdery as Gotta Glow but it's doesn't have a texture like butter. It's fairly pigmented and a little goes a long way. It's not all that blendable and it does take some time to blend it right but it's not big of a deal for me. I haven't really heard anyone mention that aspect but it's something I certainly noticed. Maybe it's just me but regardless, I really like this color and I can definitely picture myself reaching for it a lot especially for everyday uses. 
 As for comparisons, I have nothing like gotta glow and Pink Passion sure does remind me of Wet n Wild's Color Icon Blush in Heather Silk but Pink Passion is lighter, and cooler/blue toned. It's a tad similar to Tarte's blush in Dollface but Dollface, again, is a bit warmer and less blue toned. I'm pretty sure there's a MAC or Nars blush out there that's similar to Pink Passion but I don't own any so I can't say. Sorry !
 Overall, I highly recommend giving these a shot, especially considering the price! They're only $3 but I do have to say that I like Wet n Wild's blush formulas more but they only have four color when, ELF  on the other hand, has more than twice the amount of their color range. I'm not sure how Pink Passion will turn up on deep skin tones but I really how it looks on me (medium tone) and if you have pale to light complexion, I would highly suggest using a light hand or a stippling blush to apply it. 

Tried any ELF blushes yet? Would love to know what you thought of them :D

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  1. I bought a couple of e.l.f.'s studio blushes before and found them nearly unworkable. :( I'm glad you seemed to have a bit more luck than I did, or maybe more patience.