ELF Baked Blush in Pinktastic

I'm not particularly fond of baked products. Therefore, I don't purchase them at all. I've always had an eye for MAC MSFs but are those even baked? They are, aren't they? But yea, never really had any interest in buying them. They seem sort of a messy product and look like they would be a pain to use. But I decided to purchases something from ELF's new baked products line. Honestly, this product is the only thing that caught my interest out of the whole line. ELF's Baked Blush in Fantastic. At first sight, from the website's picture, it seemed clearly obvious to me that this particular shade would be more of a highlighter rather than a blush ;)

 Pinktastic is a shimmery pale champagne color and it has the faintest baby pink marble to it. It's got a  peach sheen to it or gold. I honestly can't tell which one but it compliments my complexion well.  It's not everywhere. There's just some here and there as you can probably tell from the pictures of the product above. It's very pretty and I was surprised by how much I actually like the formulation of this product. It's not butter smooth but it's smooth enough for me. I really like it !
 The shimmer isn't like ELF's blush in Gotta Glow. This one is more fine and tightly packed which makes it so easy to work with. It's blend able and I love it. My only complaint is the packaging. It looks tacky and cheap. I like ELF's Studio Blushes packaging, why could they make something similar to that? It's not that big of a deal but this would've been more appealing to me if packaging was nicer. The packaging looks like this product would've come from their Essentials Line ($1 line). Not that it's a bad thing but we all know that line's products' packaging is cheap and cheaply made too. I can deal with the packaging but I just wanted to point that out.
Overall, despite the packaging, I really like the product. It's nice and it gives a natural glow. I had no problems as far as blend ability go. I really recommend this shade and I'm now highly interested in purchasing some of their darker shades to actually use as a blush but I'm still iffy about the packaging.

Do you like baked makeup products?

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