Orly - Glowstick || Review & Swatches

I recently went to a nail supply store in the O.C. and I must admit that I was disappointed. I've read some reviews about this place and for some it was a hit but recently it's been a miss. I was in the O.C. are and decided to check the place out. I planned to get about 10-20 nail polishes and I ended up with three. I was so bummed but the prices are great. I got this Orly nail polish in Glowstick for $4.50 and the place I went to didn't charge me tax ! 
Anyway, I've been on the search for a color like Glowstick for quite a while now and haven't found one until now. So you may probably know how excited I was to try this. 
Glowstick is a straight on neon Yellow highlighter color. It leans a very tiny bit lime-y green if you look closely. But nevertheless, it still compares to a yellow highlighter. 

 As for the formula, I needed 4 coats. When I usually have to coat my nails four times, it's a bad sign. When I first applied the first coat, it literally looked like I just painted my nails with a yellow highlighter. It  looked awful ! Then I applied the second coat, and it looked pretty streaky. And then goes the third coat. I was okay with the third coat and I thought I was going to leave it that way. But I wasn't fully satisfied until I got the fourth coat going. 

I do have one other Orly nail polish to compare this to, formula wise. I have Orly's Gumdrop. I thought this nail polish was going to be just like Gumdrop because with Gumdrop, I can be satisfied with just one coat. Oh man, was I wrong ! In Glowstick's situation, I love the color, I just hate the formula. The worst formula ever. Now I'm curious if this is an issue with most neon polishes.

As for the finish, it has a semi-matte finish. Not so shiny but also not matte but it is fairly close.

This polish managed to stay on for exactly one week (Sunday-Saturday) before it started chipping. I was a bit impressed on the wear time considering I did not like the fact I had to layer four coats to get to its full opacity. 
Here's a picture actually comparing the polish to a highlighter ;D Wouldn't it be cool if Sharpie produces a nail polish line ! I call dibs on the idea !! (Is that even possible?? lol)
Overall, I would recommend this if you like the color and you have the patience for applying four coats on each fingernail. If not, do not even bother.


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