Mani Monday || Maybelline - Sweet Clementine

Oh, how cute is the name of this nail polish ! It's why I bought it. Sweet Clementine. Well, I basically bought this because I don't have a straight up orange nail polish. And this color is perfect ! 
  I know what you may be thinking. When I first applied this, Halloween was the first thing that I thought of. This is a perfect stereotype color for halloween. Sweet Clementine is a true orange. It's the kind of orange that you would find in a crayon box. However, I do feel it leans a little neon. But it may just be me.
This polish took 3 coats to get its full opacity. It was so so. The more of these Color Show nail lacquers I try, the more coats I have to apply ! Lol. Despite the thought of halloween, this is a very nice summer color anyway.
Photo taken with Flash.
 I believe Maybelline has released this same exact color before, but it was Limited Edition and it was with their express finish line. I've googled it up and it's practically the same color. As for the formula of it, I'm not sure because I don't own the other one. Duh ! Lol :)
No Flash/Natural Lighting
 Overall, this color may not be for everyone. I really don't hear many people talk about orange nail colors. But if you want to step out of your comfort zone this one is worth checking out. If you are very into the current neon trend that is happening, this is very nice as well. 

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