Mani Monday || Maybelline - Shocking Seas

I want to start a series called, "Mani Monday." Lately, I have had a consistent habit of painting my nails every sunday. I'm so proud of me that I've been at it so regularly. Last week, I had Orly's Glowstick on my nails, this week I have Maybelline Color Show in Shocking Seas. I'm so excited to start testing out these new Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquers :D
Shocking Seas is a medium blue. It's kind of turquoise but at the same time it's not the kind of turquoise we usually sea. Does that make sense? I have asked about 5 different people what kind of blue this is and all of them said, "I don't know" and I say "I don't know either!" But seriously, I don't know how to describe this color. Maybe a deepened turquoise blue? I think that's what I'll go with.
On me, these lasted about 4 days before I noticed some minor chipping, It wasn't until the sixth day when major chipping occurred and I took it off the seventh day. Like all blue polishes similar to this, it stained my nails. No surprise there. I know I should use a base coat but I'm always too lazy to.
I would say this is a great nail polish for summer and a great pop of color kind of thing for the fall. I feel like this has an autumn vibe, don't you think? I'll be honest, I didn't like it on my nails at first and then, I fell in love. I really like this color. It gave me no problems. It was opaque in two coats for me but some people may want to add a third coat. You know, just in case.
I did notice that in person, I feel like this makes my hands look a bit tanner. I don't know if it's because of the weather or if I got a tan (which I know I don't have one yet *sigh*). But yea, in some lights, I feel like it makes my hands look tanner and in some lighting, it makes them lighter. So confusing. 
 Overall, I recommend this shade. So far, I'm very impressed with the new Color Show line. This shade reminds me so much of the beach. Wow! What a very fitting name for this nail polish. Shocking Seas.

Until Next Time,

p.s. Sorry for posting more than just one nail swatch. I get too crazy with the camera when I take pictures, then I can't decide which one I like best when I post them so post multiple shots >.<

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