Wet n Wild Color Icon Blushes (Swatches)

Hi Everyone ! Hope you're all doing well :) Don't you just wish that we can include emoticons when composing our posts? ;p

Anyway, I wanted to do swatches the other day and since I now have all the blushes to Wet n Wild's Color Icon Blushes, I thought I would swatch all of them for you for fun :D

Here's a quick rundown on each shade:

Pearlescent Pink - Your basic peach pink with golden shimmer. We can't have enough of those !
Mellow Mauve - My ex-favorite all time blusher. It's a nice pinky mauve. With hints of silver shimmer. Very nice for all skin tones.
Heather Silk - Nice milky hot pink with lilac purpley undertones. Love this one.
Berry Shimmer - A nice red pink with gold shimmer. It's so beautiful ! Definitely my favorite out of the four !

Berry Shimmer blended out.

Left to Right: Heather Silk, Pearlescent Pink, Mellow Mauve, Berry Shimmer
All you need is a tap. No need to swirl your brush into the product as these are HIGHLY PIGMENTED. I can not stress enough how pigmented these are. Sometimes I tend to go overboard and accidentally look like a clown. These are very soft and long lasting. And all of these are all wearable shades, therefore nothing so dramatic. Unless you just like to pack on blush, then it will look dramatic. I just really wish Wet n Wild comes out with more shades. I mean these are your basics but where are the fun and more daring colors? More matte colors perhaps?

By the way, Wet n Wild is 40% off at Rite Aid right now, so if you haven't checked these out, you might want to take advantage of this deal. Although these blushes are only $2.99 regularly, it doesn't hurt to get them for much cheaper.

Until Next Time,
-Justine :)


  1. Your product shots are great! I have all of these except for Berry Shimmer.. I haven't see that one ANYWHERE. I had the habit of forgetting how pigmented these were too, and would swirl my brush around like nothing and then panic once I put it on my face lol.

  2. Hey! I've been looking at swatches of both wnw coloricon 'berry shimmer' and Chanel's Limited Edition Joues Contraste Rouge blush and I think that 'berry shimmer' is a possible dupe. Unfortunately it's hard to tell without being able to see a side-by-side comparison. Thoughts?

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