My first impression on Eco Tools Brushes

Last week, Rite Aid was having a great deal on these brushes. They were Buy one get one FREE ! I was so stoked ! I love those kind of sales. They are far better than the bogo 50% off sale (Obviously!!)

Therefore, the moment I discovered Rite Aid was offering this great deal, I hopped on to Google and searched for reviews and thoughts of other bloggers regarding these brushes. The one brush I had my eye on specifically is the Retractable kabuki. I've been wanting that for a while but never really wanted to pay for it.

Here's the video:

Here's a picture of the packaging. After the video, I did not want to put the brushes back in these just for the sake of picture taking !

These are the items I purchased:

  • Bamboo Bronzer Brush
  • Recycled Retractable Kabuki
  • 6 piece eye brush set
  • 6 piece brush set

I hate the packaging they come in ! The brushes are so difficult to take out... Has that ever happened to you with any kind of brush set or brushes in general?

Now I shall bombard you with even more pictures of the brushes I purchased ! :p

I have heard before that some of these brushes are not so great despite the fact that they are really soft. I really don't like it when someone says, "These brushes are so soft, I love them," and yet the brush doesn't even function all that well. You know what I mean? Lol >.<

Do you have any Eco Tools brushes? What do you think of them?



  1. I do own 4 eco tools brushes and although they aren't as fabulous as say my MAC, Bobbi Brown, or Kevyn Aucoin ones, they are pretty darn good for the price. I'd suggest these to anyone not seriously into makeup but wanting a decent brush at a decent price. Great review and pics of these!

    I'm a mommy with a makeup problem...http://www.jennysuemakeup.com

  2. buy 1 get 1 free??? Too bad in Chicago we don't have Riteaid. I love eco tool brushes, I've got the powder brush and I think the bristles are really soft and application is quite good. At this price...you totally lucked out!

  3. Love, love Eco Tools brushes. They are amazing!!! By the way, you are so pretty! I just followed u!

  4. imo ecotools is a great budget alternative for brushes. they are super soft and eco friendly. definitely great for the pocket. great blog!