Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in "Just Enough Buff" (Review and Swatches)

I meant to buy this a long while ago, but I bought a Rimmel lipstick instead which was a huge mistake! So I decided to finally grab this because this particular shade has always interested me. And I've got to tell you, I was pretty disappointed.

I can still use this as an everyday color. Like if I wanted to go to school with glossy lips and a hint of color. This would be perfect and it's pretty moisturizing on my lips. It's a coral-nude rather than a buff nude. And if it were pigmented, I wouldn't mind that fact but it's not. I've tried other lipsticks from this line and they weren't sheer. In fact, they were very pigmented. I was very disappointed with this lipstick until I found a use for it. I've used it a lot now. I use it when I go out to see friends, go to the mall, and all that jazz. And I noticed that it only lasts for about a good 3 hours until I have to re-apply it.
With Flash
No flash
Just Enough Buff in one swipe !
Can you even see it in one swipe ?! It looks like a gloss with just one swipe. It gives my lips a nude look in pictures but in reality, well in reality that's what it does too. Hahha. Although this was a disappointment at first, it grew on me. I don't love nor like the product. But I do like the look it gives me. I'm just glad I found a use for it. Here's a before and after picture. The top is before and the bottom is after. What do you think of my lip swatches? Good enough? 
Top: Bare lips ------ Bottom: With Revlon "Just Enough Buff"

Overall Rating: C+
If it were the color it was in the tube in one swipe, then I would've loved this even more. I gave it a plus because I liked how it look but this is definitely a disappointment. It's nice for people with already pigmented lips and want to enhance them or in other words, "nudify" them. Does that make sense? Lol. Have you tried this lipstick? Or at least this line of Lipsticks?

Until Next Time,
-Justine <3


  1. When I read this post, I was like "no, I like this lipstick!" But then I grabbed it and put it on my lips. I completely agree with you. I would maybe give it a B minus, because I think I like it a bit more than you but you are absolutely right about it. I went to the store for a matte lipstick and decided to grab this one, and I do like it. I think it "nudes" my lips pretty well. It just gives a slight tint, maybe that's what I was looking for?

    Great post! :)

    xoxo, nykki

  2. I just bought this one, so we will see :)