Butter London 3 Free Nail Lacquer in "Henley Regatta" (Review & Swatches)

Before I purchased this, I definitely searched for swatches online first. It the one of the two first Butter London nail polish I've ever purchased. I chose this one because I like its name and I think it's a unique shade and perfect for fall in my opinion. Though I think it's unique, I don't think it's the most unique shade ever. I also don't think that Butter London nail polishes have unique cream colors, that's why I bought a glitter shade.
I would describe this shade as a clear polish filled with A LOT of glitter. It has a lot of teal and turquoise. I also noticed that it has green glitter in it as well. I'm not sure if you can spot them in the pictures I took but there's definitely green glitter in this. It's sort of a lime green color. That is why this shade looks a lot blue-green in person. The pictures you see are my nails with 3 coats. I'm sure it could've used a fourth one but I was happy with the third and I was afraid it might get too thick.
I will say though that this polish wasn't hard to work with but it wasn't that easy either. I had troubles getting the polish all the way up to the tip of my nail when I was working on my right hand. I am right-handed which does make it a bit difficult but I did notice that the nail polish would get dry easily which is a definite pro but not if you're working coating a nail and it gets all sticky. Am I making sense? Lol. I mean it wasn't sticky at first but it did get a little sticky by the time I was almost finished. Maybe it's just me being right-handed because this wasn't the first time but then again all the other times weren't as bad as this situation. Or maybe it's because of the clear polish. I always have trouble with those. The biggest con to this product that it's $14 which is a lot to me. Me ! A girl who thinks Essie is a little pricey ! Think about butter london ! Lol. Thank goodness for Ulta and their beauty steals ;P
I put this on monday night and took it off saturday. The nail on my left middle finger chipped on Wednesday as I was putting my seat belt on. I noticed a bit of chipping on both of my index fingers on thursday after washing the dishes. I noticed WAY MORE chipping when I was at the LA fair on friday. Mind you though that I didn't use a top coat. I also want to point out that removing this is a pain in the ass!! I don't know anything about nail polish remover because I usually just use my mother's. She just buys a walmart brand or whatever she finds that is cheap. I don't think nail polish remover is really worth splurging on. Anyway ! I'm so getting off topic. I would only be able to remove nail polish from 1-3 nails per cotton pad! Once removed, I do notice that there will be some glitter left on my nails that are difficult to remove. It's not a lot. Say like 3-8 glitter particles that will be hard to remove. It's not that big of a problem. If it pisses me off then it's a problem. Luckily, it doesn't. Also, when I took a shower, I noticed that I could just peel the nail polish. That's how I removed  most of it.

Overall Rating: B
I think it's a nice glitter shade. This is my first time trying out this brand  and I've got to say that being a nail polish junkie that I am, I like it. I don't love it. I definitely plan to purchase the cream shades to test them and see how they compare to the glitter shades but I don't think that would be anytime soon since it is pretty pricey. I also want to mention that this shade reminds me of mermaids ^.^

Hope you found this helpful !

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p.s. Sorry for all the pictures of the swatches. I got a little camera-happy. Haha :p

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