Maybelline Trio in "Bronze Haze" (Review and Swatches)

So I picked this up last week, if you saw my previous post about a drugstore haul, then you'll know what I am talking about. Here is the trio I picked up in Bronze Haze.

To be honest, I was really interested in this "base" color because I thought it was going to be the perfect inner corner highlight. It looked like an ivory color with lots of golden shimmer when I was inspecting it in the store.

Dry swatch with no base
Ok so here's the deal.

  • Base - I thought this shade would be a perfect color to highlight my inner corners. Yes, it is very pretty and it really looks nice when I put it in my inner corners but I did experience some fallout. I noticed that after applying it, there were some glitter on my cheeks and under my eyes. And I didn't even put a lot on ! Also, it's texture is very rough. I can feel the glitter or shimmer when I swatched it. I mean, I would still wear it. I would just need to be careful.
  • Lid - Now, this color is very pretty on the lids. Hence, it's called the lid color. It's a medium peachy color with a golden sheen and tiny silver shimmer. Like the base color, I didn't like the texture of this one either. It's was rough. Just a little less rougher than the base color. But either way, they're similar in texture. I like this shade too and I can see myself putting up with the texture issue.
  • Crease -  This one has a different story. I love the texture of this shade. It's SO SMOOTH ! It's like a satin finish with some golden shimmer. It's really pretty on the crease or the outer corner. I find this easy too blend and there's hardly any fall out. It's not that pigmented but you can totally build it up to get it's true color. Either way, I really like this color and I can definitely see myself using this on a daily basis. 
Dry swatch with no base

My rating: B

Although I really liked the crease color, I wish the base and lid shades had a smoother texture.

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