Maybelline Quad in "Chai Latte" (Review and Swatches)

So I decided to pick up a Maybelline Quad in Chai Latte because this was a little hyped on youtube. Well, all of the maybelline quads are said to be great but these shades in particular are very much loved. 

Product Breakdown:
  • Base- It's a nice semi-sheer color. It's kind of a dull white color. Like a dirty white but yet it's still nice. I can still manage to use it in my inner corners and it's not shimmery which means I can use it to highlight my brow bone as well. I really like this shade.
  • Lid- This one was a surprise. It's a medium-dark gold eyeshadow with gold shimmer and it's beautiful. It's surprisingly pigmented and is very pretty on the eyes. I don't like certain gold eyeshadows on me because they look very unflattering in my opinion. But this one is really pretty. It really stands out in the swatches.

  • Crease - This is a light taupe-y brown color and I really like this color as a transition color. It's a satin finish which is nice and it is blendable too. I find that it has a hint of silver shimmer but it's really not that noticeable. It's a nice color but I don't think there's anything unique about it. I do like it though.
  • Liner - In the pan, this color is a very dark brown with gold shimmer. However, when swatched or applied to the lids, it still has shimmer, but not as it looks when you first see it. This color is okay. I can deal with it. When I purchased this quad, I thought this would be my favorite because I personally love darker shadows. I will still use it though.

Overall Grade: B+

I do like this. I can see myself using it quit often. I especially like the base shade very much. I don't know what it is with me and highlight shades. I gotta admit though, I miss the old packaging of these quads. Overall, I do recommend these :]

On another note...

Since the weekend is coming up once again, I just want to share what I hauled last weekend. Lol. It's not much really. On saturday, my friend and I went hunting for some shoes. We went to four different malls and NADA ! We never found the shoes. But I did discover a store called, Cotton On. I have heard of this brand/store before and I never thought that I would actually like it. If you didn't know yet, Cotton On originated in Australia and I am so glad that they are now available in the US and there's one located near me. Well, not necessarily near me but it's worth the trip. The day after, I went to Forever 21 with my sister and cousin since they wanted to go school shopping and I decided to get some stuff I can wear for fall. I want to do some fashion posts soon but honestly, I'm just being a lazy bum. Maybe one of these days I'll finally get to it.

I also went to LA on tuesday and found these ! The shoes I was on the hunt for on Tuesday. I found them on Santee Alley and it did take me a couple of places before I found my size. Well actually, the girl that was helping me out tricked me and got me a 5 1/2 when I specifically asked for a 6. She didn't tell me they were a 5 1/2 until I was about to pay for them ! Damn Girl. Anyway, I'm glad she did that though. And although I love Steve Madden shoes, I think I will continue to buy more heels from LA. I just can't wait until my next trip over there ! :D

Until Next time,

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