First Post ^.^ Hello There ;)

Another blog. Yay -___-

Haha. Well, I had a blog like this before but it was for music and I deleted it because I didn't even use it much and I was only fifteen and cared about other things and haters were being mean so I decided to not have an "internet life." Anyway, I was a reading a book called Forever Summer which contains two books within that book. Does that make sense? So the two books are "Laguna Beach" and the second book is called "Cruel Summer." I definitely recommend Forever Summer but it's definitely not my favorite. Anywho, Cruel Summer inspired me to start this blog. Although Colby (the main character of that book) started to blog in the beginning of summer, I was still inspired to do this blog even though it's already beyond the middle of summer. But here in SoCal, summer is very long. I remember days when it's even hot during winter. My goal is to keep blogging at least once every week for a year and see if I like it. If I do, I'll keep going and if I don't then I will just stop out of nowhere. Anyway, I plan to post pictures and things that happen in my days. Since I'm going to start college this blog will be somewhat about that and fashion and make up and hauling things I buy. It might be a boring blog but I'll try to make it as fun as possible.

So I think most blog posts of mine will be very picture heavy. Anyway Here are some pictures to start this blog with !

Here is a picture of the book that I read and got an inspiration to start blogging again. My sister gave it to me 2 months ago for my 18th birthday.

And last week, I also went to the beach with some old friends of mine :)

I also went semi-crazy when I went shopping on thursday :) So first off I went to Victoria's Secret and I needed new panties because I still wear my panties from when I was 11 and they are finally starting to fall apart so I decided to go for the 5 for $25 deal. Victoria's Secret panties are all I buy, btw ;P

I want to share one of the panties I bought just because it's also the reason why I went for the 5 for $25 deal ;)

Isn't it cute ?! And it's orange which is so cool because I don't have an orange panty !

Moving on, I went to MAC ! I don't really shop there just because in my opinion, I think it's overrated. My aunt got me a lipstick and lipliner from there to wear for prom and I really liked them. So I went ahead and purchased a lipstick and a paint pot :)

The lipstick I bought is called Fanfare which is a Cremesheen finish. It's a very pretty pink. To me, it's a very neutral pink and wearable for both summer and fall !

And I got a paint pot in Rubenesque :) This is SOOOO BEAUTIFUL ! When I look at it I see peach, gold, and a hint purple in there ! It's so pretty I can't wait to start using it. But when I opened it, I thought it would be all flat and nice and it looked like it melted a little. That was a little disappointing but whatever >.<

Then I went to Forever 21 and I go there everytime I'm at the mall. Whether I will buy something or not. Do you do that too? Anyway, I won't be showing the clothes I bought. Maybe that's what my next blog post will be about.

And no, I did not take a F21 bag and just stuff it with clothes. LOL
I guess I'll show you the rings that I purchased XD

I also bought a headwrap ! I just love how it's leopard print ! Yipee ! But then I went to church and some girl was wearing it and she looked so pretty on her. I wonder how it will look on me.

After my F21 trip, I headed over to Sephora. I needed a new bottle of Urban Decay's All-Nighter Spray since my travel sized one that I originally bought is almost finished.

I also picked up these Benefit Feelin' Cheeky ! Minis. It was only $15 so I thought why not? And I have always wanted to try these especially the High Beam. It's a bummer that they didn't include the latest tint, Cha Cha tint because I hear that one smelled like mangos and mango is my favorite fruit. Oh well, maybe I will just purchase that one if I even like these because I'm not sure how these will look on my skintone. I just love how tiny they are. So Cute <3

I also got a Mineral Foundation Compact from the Sephora brand. I got the color D35. However, I haven't opened it but I think it's my color. Hhahaha.

Then on Friday I went to the beach again. Man, I love the beach. Sadly, I didn't take many pictures that time. And it was the US Open too. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading my blog for whoever even reads it.

Until next time,


  1. OMG I love the lipstick. and the rings are AWESOME. i would so wear them all. lucky you
    keep it up, good start :)

  2. Happy super belated birthday! I love the lipstick as well. Great blog post and I love the quality of your pictures. I definitely need to actually start using a camera... if I can find it. Haha :)


  3. thanks su :)

    If you don't have a camera what do you use to take your pictures??